Water quality is essential to the enjoyment of your pool and spa. The chemical balance will need to be regularly checked and maintained for optimum quality and enjoyment, which is something that can easily be done by you at home, with the right instructions and products you can get here.

Maintaining water quality

Once tested, water dosing can be carried out without the need for calling anyone in. Refer to our instruction guides on how to do this. They also include lists of the necessary chemicals and filter aids with which to cure certain problems such as green or cloudy water.

Once you’ve established which chemicals you need, you can obtain them here through our online shop with free delivery on orders of £100 or more.

Cleaning Your Pool & Spa

We also have a range of automated cover pumps and pool cleaners for removing larger debris from your pool, as well as manual cleaners, nets, brushes and various solutions for cleaning both pool tiles, liners and spas.

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