Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets

Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets


Slow dissolving 200g stabilized chlorine tablets for sanitising pool water, with added algicide and flocculent. Use in skimmer baskets or dispensers. 25 tablets per drum.

5Kg drum

  • Description


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  • A powerful and easy way of keeping your pool or spa free of bacteria and algae
  • An ideal alternative or supplement for chlorine granules
  • A long-lasting solution that helps to regulate pH levels
  • An effective means of reducing overall maintenance time

The easy to use Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets promise to keep your pool or spa water properly sanitised. Thanks to the added algaecide and flocculent, the tablets also help to prevent algae growth and improve the performance of your filters.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor pools, the tablets have been expertly engineered to keep your water free from harmful germs and bacteria. What’s more, they only possess a mild acidic pH, so once they’re dissolved, your overall pH level won’t be drastically affected. They don’t leave behind an overpowering or nasty odour, either.

As well as being a strong form of defence in the fight against germs, the tablets are stabilised, too. This means that even on the sunniest or rainiest of days, they provide a powerful prevention against the viruses which can spread in standing water.

With 25 tablets per drum, the Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets are also one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping on top of regular maintenance. Removing the need for daily application, you’ll find yourself spending more time enjoying the water than treating it.

Because they’re designed to be used in either skimmer baskets or dispensers, most pool or spa owners will find that they can easily keep on top of things by applying the tablets just once a week.

Of course, as a slow dissolving solution that spreads across an entire pool or spa, you’ll just need to allow 3 to 14 days for the full effect of the first application to take hold. Once this period of time has passed, ongoing applications will keep things clean and bacteria-free without the need to give up any further time.

Ultimately, Pro-Swim Maxi Plus Chlorine Tablets provide a hassle-free means of ensuring that your water remains clean and your pool or spa maintains a superior condition.

To be used in conjunction with other quality products and chemicals which can be found in our shop, the tablets should certainly be a regular fixture in your cleaning locker.

As a product that’s been hand-selected by our knowledgeable team of service engineers, you can be confident that the tablets are of a professional standard. Offering a far more advanced form of protection than similar solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy service level quality of water all year round.

If you have any further questions regarding the nature or application of chlorine tablets, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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