Spa Pure Shock Treatment

Spa Pure Shock Treatment


Its special formula facilitates water treatment and clarity while disinfecting. Use in turbid or discoloured water.

4 x 35g sachets

  • Description


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  • Makes spa water crystal clear
  • Provides additional hygiene protection
  • Compatible with all treatment methods
  • Pre-measured sachets for easy and direct dosing

Created using a special formula, the spa pure shock treatment comfortably takes care of turbid and discoloured water to leave it sparkling clear. As well as improving the overall appearance of your spa water, the product actively disinfects it to provide greater hygiene protection.

Exceptionally easy to use, the Spa Pure Shock Treatment is contained in pre-measured sachets that can be directly applied to the water. This ensures that there’s no need to identify the volume of water that they’re being distributed in. It is, however, crucial to make sure that the PH level is appropriate before use. To get a better understanding of the PH range that’s safe to work with, simply refer to the instructions provided.

Requiring only five minutes to dissolve, disperse, and oxidize, the sachets are also incredibly fast acting.

The Spa Pure Shock Treatment requires relatively calm water to be effective. This means switching off any blowers, keeping the jets low, but keeping the circulation pump in operation. It’s also important to remove any cover over the spa as the surface of the water needs to be aerated in order for the process to take place.

Breaking down organic waste contaminants and removing any microorganisms that might have survived regular chlorine/bromine levels, the treatment helps avoid irritating odours and murky water. The regularity of the treatments will depend on the frequency of use and placement of a spa, but it is recommended that users apply the product periodically.

Not only do the sachets kill bacteria, they also reactivate bromides in spa water. This ultimately helps to further combat any harmful molecules that might emerge and infect the water. Keeping things clean and clear, spa owners are able to enjoy the greatest quality of bathing after use.

Fighting against the inevitable build up that occurs in all spas, the product ultimately helps to maintain a superior standard in terms of both looks and hygiene. If you’re in any doubt about the compatibility of the Pure Spa Shock Treatment with other products in your maintenance cupboard, or if you’re uncertain about how and when to apply it, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to provide all the advice you require.

Highly recommended by our experts who strive to keep all pools and spas hygienic, a supply of the sachets should always be found beside the other products featured in our range.

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