Velours de Spa – Orange Blossom

Velours de Spa – Orange Blossom


De-stressing, with sweet and captivating aromas of orange blossoms which will instantly revieve your stress.


  • Description


  • Used at world-renowned spas
  • Designed especially for spa systems
  • Compatible with disinfection chemicals
  • Made from essential oils

Delivering an immediate sense of calm, the Velours de Spa Orange Blossom is a lightly perfumed blend of plant-based oils that promises to enrich your spa experience. Originally the preserve of premium spas, the product allows you to properly revitalise in the comfort of your own home.

Because the product has been specially crafted for for spas, the oils which compose the Velours de Spa Orange Blossom are all friendly on both your purification system and filters. They also won’t affect the performance of chemicals which disinfect and stabilise your water.

Incredibly easy to use, you simply introduce two to three stoppers of the oils into the water to enjoy up to half an hour of pure calm. Immediately met with the pleasing aroma of orange trees, you’ll have no difficulty in allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the spa experience on offer. It’s also possible to combine the product with other oils to create interesting blends that leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

Proven to have a positive effect on both the mind and body, the fully soluble oils are the perfect choice for massage baths. Indeed, the Velours de Spa range has earned its industry-leading reputation for using ingredients that offer effective relief for aches and stress. You can also enjoy further peace of mind knowing that the oils won’t leave behind any nasty residues on the floor of your spa.

Sourced by our team of experts, you can confidently stock up on the Velours de Spa Orange Blossom and look forward to endless rest and relaxation in your spa. Having thoroughly examined the product for ourselves, you can also be sure that it’s completely compatible with your systems and other products we offer.

Ultimately, the oils are an essential addition to any spa. Transforming it into a place that enlivens and reinvigorates your senses, they create exactly the kind of atmosphere that you made you fall in love with your spa in the first place.

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