Spa Time 5-Way Test Strips

Spa Time 5-Way Test Strips


For measuring the pH value, chlorine / bromine, active oxygen, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness.

1 tube of 50 strips

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  • A highly accurate way to measure the crucial parameters of your water
  • Super easy to use
  • Delivers fast results

Providing the most straightforward way of measuring the key parameters of your water, the Spa Time 5-Way Test Strips are essential for keeping your pool or spa in outstanding condition.

Most crucially, the strips identify the pH value of your water, a measurement that ultimately informs you about any treatments or changes you need to make to ensure that your water remains at its very best.

As well as the pH value, the strips reveal the chlorine/bromine levels of the water which is a balance that’s particularly important for spa owners to keep on top of. Indeed, knowing just how much of each is currently in your water allows you to make the correct decision when it comes to treating your spa.

Another parameter that the Spa Time 5-Way Test Strips measure is the concentration of active oxygen in your pool or spa. As a powerful deterrent against bacteria, algae, and other viruses, it’s important to recognise when you need to perform another active oxygen treatment to keep your water clear and clean.

On top of these parameters, the strips also provide a reading for the total alkalinity (TA) of the water. Providing a measurement of the range that it falls between, you’ll be much better positioned to stabilise your water once you’ve taken a note of the reading.

The final parameter that the Spa Time 5-Way Strips help to monitor is calcium hardness. An important level to maintain when it comes to keeping a healthy balance in your water, the reading will let you know if you need to add any additional products or perform any other maintenance.

Using the test strips to get these measurements couldn’t be easier. All you do is dip the strip in the water, quickly remove it, and check the measurements whilst holding it horizontally. It really is that simple to get a hold of all the measurements you require to maintain a healthy pool or spa.

Altogether, the strips allow you to keep the water in your pool or spa properly balanced. Letting you know exactly what you need to add to the water to keep things in the best possible condition, they’re an invaluable tool for all owners.

Completely removing the need for reagents or test tubes, they’re also a solution that promises to keep your maintenance locker clutter-free, and your processes straightforward.

Undoubtedly, the Spa Time 5-Way Test Strips are a necessary tool for any pool or spa owner. Refining the way that regular maintenance is performed, you can depend on them delivering an easy and cost-effective solution that tells you exactly what your water requires.

A popular product that you’ll find in the toolbox of all our service engineers, the strips are invaluable when it comes to preserving good quality water. Relied upon by our team of experts, we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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